Nineteenth JTLS IUC

The Nineteenth JTLS International User Conference will take place from:

Tuesday 5 September to Wednesday 6 September, 2017


Monday, 4 September 2017
Time Topic Presenter View
1800 - 2000 Registration R&A Staff
Tuesday, 5 September 2017
Time Topic Presenter
0800 Registration R&A Staff
0900 Welcome and Introduction Dr. R. Jay Roland Download
0910 JTLS-GO Current Status Ms. Ellen Roland Download
1045 Break All
1100 JS J7 JTLS-GO Program Review Mr. Donald Weter View
1120 JTLS-GO at the Pacific Command Mr. Michael Fagundes Unavailable
1135 JTLS-GO in Taiwan Col. Shih-Ching Yeh Unavailable
1150 Lunch All
1315 JTLS-GO Support for Globally Integrated Exercises Ms. Ellen Roland Download
1330 JTLS-GO in Poland Col. Marek Soloducha Download
1345 An Alternative to Oracle in JTLS-GO Mr. Zafer Aktan Download
1400 JTLS-GO in France Lt. Col. Rémy Cazanave-Lavie Download
1415 JTLS-GO Improved Intelligence Capabilities Dr. Donna Womble Download
1430 JTLS-GO at the Joint Forces Staff College Ms. Rebecca Sorrell Download
1445 Break All
1500 JTLS-GO Release Procedure and Help Desk Support Mr. Joel Modisette Download
1515 JTLS-GO at NATO JWC Mr. Ivan Vianello Unavailable
1530 JTLS-GO MSEL Tool Integration Mr. John Ruck Download
1545 Generating a JTLS Scenario With a GIS Lt. Col. Jason Jones Download
1600 Adjourn All
1830 Reception and Dinner The Inn at Spanish Bay
Wednesday, 6 September 2017
Time Topic Presenter View
0900 Data Repository Concept Ms. Ellen Roland Download
0915 New Capabilities of the Web Enabled Parser User Interface Mr. John Ruck Download
0930 JTLS-GO in Norway Lt. Col. Bjarne Korsgård Download
0945 JTLS-GO ATO Translator (ATOT) and Parser Mr. William Lynn Download
1000 MUSE and the JTLS-GO Interface Mr. Joe Reis Download
1030 Break All
1045 JTLS-GO Analysis Ms. Ellen Roland Download
1100 JTLS-GO in Korea (KIDA) Dr. Sangyun Jeong Download
1115 Future JTLS-GO Ms. Ellen Roland View
1130 Lunch All
1245 Adjourn to R&A Modeling and Simulation Center All
1300 Group Picture at R&A All View
1310 Demonstrations and Discussions All Download
1700 End Conference
Thursday, 7 September 2017
Time Topic Presenter View
0800 Golf Tee Times begin at the Monterey Pines Golf Course Mr. Robert Dotson
1300 Lunch for Golfers at the Monterey Pines Grill