JTLS-GO User Conference

The Twentieth JTLS-GO International User Conference will take place from 11 to 12 December, 2018.


Monday, 10 December 2018
1800 - 2000 Registration with R&A Staff, Embassy Suites Hotel
Tuesday, 11 December 2018
Time Topic Presenter Link
0800 Registration, Embassy Suites Hotel R&A Staff
0900 Welcome and Introduction Dr. J. Roland, R&A
0910 JTLS-GO Current Status Ms. E. Roland, R&A
1045 Break
1100 JS DD J-7 JTLS-GO Program Review Mr. D. Weter, JTLS-GO Program Manager
1120 JTLS-GO in the War games & Simulation Center (WG&SC), Warsaw, Poland Col. M. Soloducha, WG&SC Chief
1135 JTLS-GO at the US Pacific Warfighting Center (PWC), INDOPACOM, Hawaii Mr. P. Tamaribuchi, Director, PWC
1150 Lunch
1315 JTLS-GO Research Initiatives. US Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), Monterey Prof. A. Hernandez, Dept. of Systems Engineering, NPS
1330 JTLS-GO at the Joint Warfare Training Center (JWTC), Doha, Qatar Dr. E. Cayirci, JWTC
1345 Research & Analysis at the Korean Institute For Defense Analysis (KIDA) Dr. Jeong, Senior Analyst, KIDA
1400 JTLS-GO Super WHIP Mr. J. Torres, R&A
1415 JTLS-GO Initiatives within the Havelsan Corporation, Ankara, Turkey Mr. M. ŞAHİN, Program Manager, Havelsan
1430 JTLS-GO After Action Review Module Mr. R. Kalinyak, R&A
1445 Break
1500 JTLS-GO at the Japan Joint Staff Ministry of Defense (JMOD) Col. K. Takeda, JMOD Administrator, J3
1515 JTLS-GO Release Procedures and Help Desk Support Mr. J. Modisette, R&A
1530 JTLS-GO at the Norwegian Joint Headquarters (NJHQ) LTC Bjarne Korsgaard, Branch Chief, NJHQ
1545 Fielding Enhanced Terrain Capabilities Mr. H. Yamauchi, R&A
1600 Adjourn
1830 Reception and Dinner, Monterey Bay Aquarium
Wednesday, 12 December 2018
Time Topic Presenter Link
0900 Welcome to Day Two of the Conference Dr. J. Roland, R&A
0905 NATO Joint Warfighting Center (JWC) Mr. I. Vianello, Team Chief, CAX Support Branch, JWC
0915 JTLS-GO in India, Center for Civil-Military Relations (CCMR), NPS Mr. S. Moreland, Project Manager, CCMR
0930 The JTLS-GO Database Development System (DDS) Ms. J. Wu, R&A
0945 Implementing the JTLS-GO Virtual Machine Mr. Z. Aktan, R&A
1000 Extended Analytics for JTLS-GO Mr. Scott Thompson, Alion
1030 Break
1045 JTLS-GO Database Constructs Mr. R. Montgomery, R&A
1100 OPLAN Analysis, INDOPACOM AOR Ms. E. Roland, R&A and Mr. K Lawson, Alion Corp.
1115 OPLAN Analysis, Allied Command Transformation (ACT) NATO AOR Mr. W. Buck, ACT
1130 Close Conference Dr. J. Roland, R&A
1145 Lunch
1300 Adjourn to R&A Modeling and Simulation Center
1315 Group Picture at R&A
1320 Demonstrations and Discussions
Thursday, 13 September 2018
Time Topic
0800 Off-site Discussions with R&A Staff
1000 Individual Sessions at the R&A Offices, As Scheduled
1315 Lunch at the Monterey Pines Grill