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R&A enters the New Year with the Joint Theater Level Simulation-Global Operations (JTLS-GO®) with scheduled commitments to some of its clients including:

Joint Staff J-7 Taiwan JETC US National Defense University Command for Joint Operations, France US Air War College US Army Concepts Analysis Agency USPACOM Pacific Warfighting Center USAFE Warrior Preparation Center DoD Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx)

JTLS-GO is the world’s premier theater level simulation. Its use includes decision analyses, contingency / management plan evaluation, experimentation, emergency preparedness training, command post exercise support, and coalition training among civil-military agencies. This Simulation is used to meet the requirements of NATO’s Connected Forces Initiative (CFI) to enhance the high level of interconnectedness and interoperability of Allied forces in operations and with partners to engage cooperatively. JTLS-GO has been used for analysis of border security, illegal immigration, and human trafficking issues. Users gain insight into the problems and importance of effective information sharing, interoperability, and coordination in response to humanitarian assistance and disaster relief scenarios requiring regional response efforts. JTLS-GO is being evaluated for use by SECDEF Carter’s DIUx for rapid and early technology evaluation.

JTLS-GO is ideally suited for wargaming the Third Offset Strategy[1], rehearsing plans for crisis management[2], and examining industry’s view of the Third Offset as critical to national security[3]. As opposed to many of the simulations mentioned by Alen Dron, in his Military Training & Simulation News article2, JTLS-GO is availablenowand eminently qualified to evaluate components of the Third Offset with no major structural changes. The Simulation is designed to be strategy and tactic agnostic hence open to an infinite number of scenarios independent of current force employment. It is particularly adaptable to effect the close collaboration among industry, academia and government to rapidly examine next gen capabilities (advanced technologies) for inclusion in future forces. Conceptual experimentation is eminently feasible through Budget Based Wargaming Decision Support System (BBW-DSS) as proposed by Assoc. Professor Hernandez, US Naval Postgraduate School.

JTLS-GO is reconfigurable on-the-fly and configuration managed by the US JCS J7, Suffolk, Virginia. Mr. Don Weter is the point of contact for JTLS-GO. His contact data are: Phone +757.203.7649, Fax +757.203.6037 and The Simulation is developed, maintained and distributed by R&A. Information about the availability of JTLS and JTLS-GO may be obtained by contacting Dr. R. Jay Roland at

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