JTLS-GO International Users Conference

Announcing the 21st JTLS-GO Users Conference
3, 4, and 5 September 2019
Monterey, California

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The twentieth JTLS/JTLS-GO International Users Conference (IUC) was the largest Conference held to date. It was three times the size of the 19th with an even greater variety of interest in the use and uses of the Simulation. Due to the sensitivity of many presentations not all are posted on the ROLANDS.com website. Call Dr. Roland at 831.373.2025 if you are interested in discussing any topics in further detail.

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Special acknowledgement for presentations is in order for the following individuals.

  • Messrs. Tamaribuchi and Fagundes, USINDOPACOM/PWC, Hawaii
  • COL “Remi” Cazenave-Lavie, CSFEE, France
  • COL Takada, JMOD J3, Japan
  • COL Hall, USARPAC, Hawaii
  • Dr. Jeong, KIDA, South Korea
  • Prof. Hernandez and Lts. Langreck and Wong, US Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California
  • Lt. Col. Keubler and Mr. Weter, US JS J7, Suffolk, Virginia
  • Lt. Col. Baran, WGSC, Poland
  • Lt. Col. Korsgaard, Norwegian MOD, Bodo, Norway
  • Mr. Novak, USAF, Air War College, Montgomery, Alabama
  • Mr. Buck, NATO/ACT, Norfolk, Virginia
  • Mr. Sakin, Havelsan, Ankara, Turkey
  • Mr. Vianello, NATO JWC, Stavanger, Norway
  • Mr. Thompson, Alion, Boston, Massachusetts

Their presentations were noteworthy as they examined the breadth of capabilities inherent in the JTLS-GO system to meet an ever-growing demand signal for an efficient, effective and capable operational level, joint simulation. We expect that our 21st Annual JTLS-GO Users Conference will include country building, budget based wargaming, CAX support, OPLAN/CONPLAN and force structure analysis, weapon system evaluations and space operations, in addition to its training capabilities. That Users Conference is scheduled for 3, 4, and 5 September 2019 in Monterey, California. Questions? Email Info@ROLANDS.com