JTLS-GO International Users Conference

The 22nd JTLS-GO Users Conference
will take place from 16 to 17 September 2020
in Monterey, California

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2019 IUC Highlights

Tuesday, 3 September 2019
1800 - 2000 Registration with R&A Staff, Embassy Suites Hotel
Wednesday, 4 September 2019
Time Topic Presenter Link
0800 Registration, Embassy Suites Hotel by R&A Staff
0900 Welcome and Introduction Dr. J. Roland, R&A View
0910 JS/J7 JTLS-GO Project Update Mr. Phil Martin, JS/J7 View
0930 Introduction To JTLS-GO 6.0 Ms. Ellen Roland, R&A View
1030 Break
1100 JTLS-GO at CSFEE LTC Florek, France CSFEE Simulation Centre View
1120 JTLS-GO at NATO JWC Mr. Ivan Vianello, NATO Joint Warfare Centre Withheld
1140 JTLS-GO Service Oriented Architecture Expansion Mr. Rick Kalinyak, R&A View
1200 Lunch
1330 JTLS-GO 5.1 Update Ms. Ellen Roland, R&A View
1350 JTLS-GO at Taiwan JETC Maj. Jared Hsiao, J7 MND R.O.C. Withheld
1410 JTLS-GO 6.0 PostgreSQL Information Mr. Zafer Aktan, R&A View
1440 JTLS-GO 6.0 Database in Excel Ms. Ellen Roland, R&A View
1500 Break
1520 JTLS-GO at Norwegian Joint Headquarters (NJHQ) Commander Sg. Hegge, NJHQ View
1540 JTLS-GO at Poland War Studies University LT Col Jedruszak, Poland War Games and Simulation Center View
1600 Adjourn
1830 Reception and Dinner, Monterey Marriott (Doors open at 1800)
Thursday, 5 September 2019
Time Topic Presenter Link
0900 Welcome to Day Two of the Conference Dr. J. Roland, R&A
0905 Current Status of GlobalSim Dr. Donna Womble, R&A View
0920 JTLS-GO at the Pacific Warfighting Center Mr. Michael Fagundes, PWC Withheld
0940 JTLS-GO eLearning Mr. Caspian Forsyth, R&A View
1000 Update To JTLS-GO As An Analysis Tool Ms. Ellen Roland, R&A View
1030 Break
1050 JTLS-GO in CSC Saudi Arabia COL Al-Tamimi, SAUDI MoD View
1110 JTLS-GO Website Downloading Mr. Bill Lynn, R&A View
1130 Long Term Plans For JTLS-GO Post 6.0 Ms. Ellen Roland, R&A View
1200 Close Conference Dr. J. Roland, R&A
1230 Lunch
1300 Adjourn to R&A Modeling and Simulation Center
1315 Group Picture at R&A
1320 Demonstrations and Discussions
Friday, 6 September 2019
Time Topic
0800 Off-site Discussions with R&A Staff
1000 Individual Sessions at the R&A Offices, As Scheduled
1315 Lunch at the Monterey Pines Grill

Thursday Demonstration and Discussion Topics

Combat Systems in the Data Repository
JTLS-GO 6.0 Database Development System (DDS)
Geospatial Web Service & LC2IS Message Service
Importing GIS Shape Files
Installing PostgreSQL
JTLS-GO eLearning
Layered GEOTIFF Maps
Simscript III Debugging