ECP List

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This Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) list is updated each time a new ECP is entered into the system. Entries highlighted yellow have been funded and approved for implementation. The version status pages JTLS 4.1 and JTLS-GO 5.0 describe the ECPs that are scheduled to be delivered with each release.

Any authorized JTLS-GO user can submit a new ECP. Submit a description of your desired model improvement and the reason for the change to Ensure that you specifically describe the issue that should be resolved rather than providing the JTLS-GO Development Team your concept for solving the problem. For example, submitting an ECP entitled "Represent Road Networks" is a solution, while "Ground Units Must Follow Real-World Roads" is the specific problem that should be solved. Representing a road network may likely solve the problem, but is not the only solution.

Any authorized JTLS-GO user can also use this procedure to fund any existing ECP:

  • Request an initial design and cost estimate from the JTLS-GO development team. A two-page summary of our recommended design and a cost estimate for the work will be delivered within a few days.
  • Finalize contract arrangements for the work through the R& A Contracts Manager.
  • After the contract vehicle is established, the funding agency will receive a detailed design form that includes all implementation details. This process may require several exchanges until a final detailed design satisfies the requirements of the funding agency as well as a consistent modeling representation within JTLS-GO.
  • The development team will implement the code changes.
  • Testing the code changes will be conducted in collaboration with the funding agency.
  • The ECP will be delivered with the next feasible JTLS-GO release for use by the funding agency and all other JTLS-GO users.

If your desired ECP is not in the following table, please ECP submit your proposal using the button below.