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JTLS Past Releases

This page serves at the historical repository for previous versions of JTLS. These versions are no longer supported by R&A, but it is possible that a user still has existing scenarios from these old versions. When upgrading an older database, the user should review all the functional release VDD documentation files to understand exactly what data needs to be reviewed and added prior to using the upgraded database.

Users need to remember that the automatic database upgrade capability simply creates a database structure that can be used with a newer version; It does not result in data being added to your database or altering the contents of existing data in the database. Your data need to be thoroughly reviewed to make sure they properly support any new functionality.

Version Number Release Date VDD
Version Nov 2016 View
Version June 2013 View
Version Oct 2011 View
Version Sept 2009 View
Version Mar 2008 View
Version Apr 2007 View
Version Feb 2006 View
Version May 2005 View