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Release 6.2 Status

JTLS-GO Version 6.2 will be a major improvement release of the JTLS-GO wargaming system. The full Design Book as of 28 April 2022 can be downloaded here . The following improvements are currently scheduled to be included in the release.

JTLS-GO 6.2 Improvements

MCR Title Design Status Link
JTLS-2014-0086 Allow DDS User To Change Unit Type Approved 28 Apr 2022
JTLS-2016-12595 IMT Objects By Specified Geographic Region Approved 28 Apr 2022
JTLS-2019-14545 Airspace Representation Approved 28 Apr 2022
JTLS-2020-15043 New DDS Logistics Hierarchy Report Approved 28 Apr 2022
JTLS-2020-15046 Include Aircraft In Tactical Intel Reports Approved 28 Apr 2022
JTLS-2021-15210 Imaging Of Chemical Or Nuclear Impacts Approved 28 Apr 2022
JTLS-2021-15214 Include Maximum Arc Size In GIS Tool Approved 28 Apr 2022
JTLS-2021-15458 Link 16 J Message Filters Approved 28 Apr 2022
JTLS-2021-15459 Display OTH-Gold Track Time Late Values Approved 28 Apr 2022
JTLS-2021-15460 Link 16 Air PPLIs Report Selves As Tracks Approved 28 Apr 2022

Planned Version 6.2 Implementation Schedule

Due to the continued global Coronavirus 19 pandemic, the plans for JTLS-GO 6.2 are fluid. R&A hopes that the COVID-19 travel restrictions and incident rate will come under control as the worldwide immune populations grows. Still there are many unknowns facing all endeavors. The following summarizes the current R&A implementation and delivery plan for JTLS-GO 6.2

Test Date
Alpha Test 06 June to 10 June 2022
Beta Test 27 June to 01 July 2022
C4I Test 11 July to 15 July 2022
Acceptance Test 25 July to 29 July 2022
Version Delivery 26 August 2022

JTLS-GO 6.2 Schedule for Pre-Release Code

On Wednesday 01 June 2022, the JTLS-GO International Test Site will transition from JTLS-GO 6.1 to JTLS-GO 6.2. The test site will be updated at least as often as outlined in the following schedule.

Code Release Date
Alpha Test Version 06 June 2022
Post Alpha Test Version 20 June 2022
Database Close 24 June 2022
Beta Test Version 27 June 2022
C4I Test Version 11 July 2022
Acceptance Test Version 25 July 2022
Post Acceptance Test Version 08 August 2022
JTLS 26 August 2022