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Release 5.1 Status

JTLS-GO was released in December 2018.

JTLS-GO Version 5.1 is a major improvement release of JTLS-GO. The large system design changes include:

JTLS-GO 5.1 was designed and run with the following system configuration:

  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.5 or greater or CentOS 7.5
  • Oracle 11.2 or greater
  • Open Java Development Toolkit 1.8 (as delivered with the operating system)
  • Apache 2.4.34 (as delivered with JTLS-GO)
  • Glassfish 4.1.1 (as delivered with JTLS-GO)

Configuration Management

R&A has establish the following configuration management numbering system for JTLS-GO. Each JTLS-GO version consists of a four digit identifier, i.j.k.l, such as

The digits have the following meaning:

Digit Explanation
1st Digit (i) This is the major version number. A change in the major version number indicates that the system concept of JTLS-GO has undergone a significant change. When making a significant change, users should expect a longer than normal time to assimilate and fully understand the new capabilities and system structure of JTLS-GO. A larger than normal database content changes should be expected. For example JTLS-GO was the version number when JTLS-GO moved to the new web-based user interface.
2nd Digit (j) This is the main version number. A change in the main version number indicates that the JTLS-GO has significant new model functionality that required new data. A change in the main version number means users must upgrade their database, an automatic procedure delivered with JTLS-GO, and review these databases to ensure that their scenario use the new functionality as desired and needed.
3rd Digit (k) This is the update version number. A change in the update digit indicates that JTLS-GO is being released with "bug" fixes found by our test team and other users. It is possible that a few minor functional improvements have been added to the model, but absolutely no data changes were needed. Thus, the database structure for JTLS-GO Version is identical to the database structure for JTLS-GO Version Although each user must individually decide whether to implement an upgrade version, it should be noted that as a "bug" fix release, it represents what R&A believes is the most reliable released version of JTLS-GO.
4th Digit (l) This is the interim version number. A change in the interim digit indicates that an unofficial release of JTLS-GO is being used. If an individual user has a specific problem just prior to an important exercise, R&A may fix the issue and provide the fix on a quick reaction test cycle. The issues addressed in the interim release will be formalized and included in the next update release. Only the user requiring the quick fix receives notification of the release availability.

Summary of Version 5.1

A formal Version Description Document (VDD) is published for each released version of JTLS-GO, except interim version releases. For interim releases a text file with an explanation of the changes is provided to the user requiring the interim release.

Version Number Release Date VDD
Version 22 December 2018 View
Version 22 April 2019 View
Version 21 June 2019 View
Version 23 August 2019 View
Version 21 October 2019 View
Version 27 January 2020 View
Version 14 February 2020 View
Version 3 April 2020 View
Version 22 May 2020 View
Version 14 August 2020 View
Version 19 November 2020 View
Version 11 February 2021 View

Please note that is the last release of JTLS-GO version 5.1 series. If an extension to the support of JTLS-GO version 5.1 is required, please notify us at jtlsgo@rolands.com.