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Release 6.0 Status

Plans have already started on the next major release of JTLS-GO. Although not all Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs) have been identified for this release JTLS-GO 6.0 will contain two significant changes.

  • Migrate to PostgreSQL

    The next release will no longer use Oracle. The U.S. Government has decided to move to the open source and free version of PostgreSQL.

  • Build a non-thick client WHIP using HTML5

View the JTLS-GO 6.0 Design Plan

JTLS-GO 6.0 Improvements

MCR Title Link
JTLS-2011-10948 Multiple Names for Air Missions In Progress
JTLS-2013-11707 Improve Simscript Debugging Capability 18 September 2019
JTLS-2016-12714 Build an Inherent JTLS MSEL Tool 24 June 2019
JTLS-2017-13132 Allow HRUs (UAVs) to Gather Intel from DSAs 24 June 2019
JTLS-2017-13139 Better Location Information in IIR Messages (NWARS) 24 June 2019
JTLS-2019-14350 Detailed Engagement Reports for User 24 June 2019
JTLS-2019-14351 Allow Viewing Multiple Messages 24 June 2019
JTLS-2019-14352 Develop a Maritime Specific DSA Report 24 June 2019
JTLS-2019-14353 Convoy Data in AAR 24 June 2019
JTLS-2019-14354 All WHIP Objects Searchable 19 November 2019
JTLS-2019-14356 Attacking Mission ROE Help 24 June 2019
JTLS-2019-14357 Move from Oracle to PostgreSQL 24 June 2019
JTLS-2019-14400 GlobalSim Improvements 19 July 2019
JTLS-2019-14464 Expand TACELINT Data Fields 21 August 2019
JTLS-2019-14477 Identify Aircraft Class as UAV 11 October 2019
JTLS-2019-14486 Add Tags to Checkpoints 11 October 2019
JTLS-2019-14487 Torpedo Hits Detectable 11 October 2019
JTLS-2019-14508 Build a Geo-Spatial Service 11 October 2019
JTLS-2019-14570 Data Repository Synchronization 18 November 2019
JTLS-2019-14608 Add Unit Comment Field 18 December 2019

JTLS-GO 6.0 Implementation Plan

Event Date
Alpha Test 16 to 20 December 2019
Beta Test 04 to 15 May 2020
Acceptance Test TBD

JTLS-GO 6.0 Schedule for Pre-Release Code

Code Release Date
Alpha Test Version 13 December 2019
Post Alpha Test Version 27 December 2019
Beta Test Version TBD
Post Beta Test Version TBD
Acceptance Test Version TBD
Post Acceptance Test Version TBD