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Release 6.0 Status

Plans have already started on the next major release of JTLS-GO. Although not all Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs) have been identified for this release JTLS-GO 6.0 will contain two significant changes.

  • Migrate to PostgreSQL

    The next release will no longer use Oracle. The U.S. Government has decided to move to the open source and free version of PostgreSQL.

  • Build a non-thick client WHIP using HTML5

View the JTLS-GO 6.0 Design Plan

JTLS-GO 6.0 Improvements

MCR Title Link
JTLS-2013-11707 Improve Simscript Debugging Capability 24 June 2019
JTLS-2016-12714 Build an Inherent JTLS MSEL Tool 24 June 2019
JTLS-2017-13132 Allow HRUs (UAVs) to Gather Intel from DSAs 24 June 2019
JTLS-2017-13139 Better Location Information in IIR Messages (NWARS) 24 June 2019
JTLS-2019-14350 Detailed Engagement Reports for User 24 June 2019
JTLS-2019-14351 Allow Viewing Multiple Messages 24 June 2019
JTLS-2019-14352 Develop a Maritime Specific DSA Report 24 June 2019
JTLS-2019-14353 Convoy Data in AAR 24 June 2019
JTLS-2019-14354 All WHIP Objects Searchable 24 June 2019
JTLS-2019-14356 Attacking Mission ROE Help 24 June 2019
JTLS-2019-14357 Move from Oracle to PostgreSQL 24 June 2019
JTLS-2019-14400 GlobalSim Improvements 19 July 2019

JTLS-GO 6.0 Implementation Plan

Event Date
Alpha Test 16 to 20 December 2019
Beta Test 3 to 14 February 2020
Acceptance Test 16 to 27 March 2020